The goal of this course is to introduce students to basic concepts of User Experience(UX). It approaches this goal by giving a wide and shallow swath of information in a few of the common areas of UX including a taste of how to conduct research, the double diamond process, prototyping and usability testing. By the end of this class students will have a basic understanding of how to design an application that embeds the best user experience principles like Heuristics. See the syllabus and artifacts.

From the beginning of time, people have contemplated how information should be organized and made findable. Evidence of this can be found what is thought to be one of the first libraries in Sumer, in one of the rooms there was evidence of archives listing the contents of the library. This course is designed to teach students about organizing data in the context of technology. Students gain knowledge of Information Architecture by exploring basic concepts and methods to design an appropriate information structure / navigation while taking into consideration the needs of the user. View syllabus.

In User Experience, Research is a required skill. Without understanding the user’s behavior, patterns and pain points, authentic User Experiences can not be created. Students can expect a comprehensive guide to performing the core research methods; Surveys, Interviews and Usability testing. This course will help prepare students by teaching them the “Discovery” phase. See Syllabus.

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